Cover-Sheets, Notebook Dividers

Holly's cover sheetThe cover-sheets on this page can be used to divide parts of a subject planner, homeschool planner, or used for notebooking. If you have a word processor, then consider making cover-sheets or teach your children to make their own. It would be good experience for them.


Print on card stock if using the cover sheets for dividers. Divider tabs can be purchased and applied, or tabs can be homemade. (Tabs are optional.)

Making Inserts for the Spine of the Binder

  1. Open your word processor.
  2. Set the page properties so that the paper is set to Landscape.
  3. Select a font. The font that is used in the cover sheets is Charlesworth.
  4. Set the font to a large size, 26 or so.
  5. Align the text to either left or center.
  6. Type the title of the first notebook.
  7. Depending on how wide your notebooks are, press the enter key two or more times.
  8. Type the title for your next notebook.
  9. Continue in this way until you have the labels finished.

Files to get you started:
Spine: Subject Names: doc or rtf filedoc | rtf |-| Portfolio: doc or rtf filedoc | rtf (these are wider)

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Art III Cover

Holly's Art III Class Notebook Cover

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