Color-Rule and Yellow Stripe Handwriting Paper

The first two sets of printable handwriting paper on this page print with light blue and pink ruled lines. The colors print pale enough so that pencil marks should show up well on the paper.

The third set also prints with blue and pink ruled lines but the lower case portion prints in solid yellow. The yellow stripe paper has a darker blue line at the bottom of the yellow stripe to further highlight to the student that this is the line on which they should write. For a darker yellow rule paper see Yellow Line.

Horizontal Color Handwriting Paper

The first group of papers prints horizontally. The sizes start at 5/8 of an inch tall. The sizes are the sum of the lower and upper sections. All files are pdfPDF.

Horizontal Paper

Need larger rule? See paper linked at the bottom of this page.

Vertical Color Handwriting Paper

The next two sets prints vertically. The sizes indicate the approximate height of the tall letters except for file #00. All files are pdfPDF.


*#00 does not have uniform spaces. The bottom line is 1/8" high, the upper is 5/32" high, and the bottom space is 1/4 ". See the yellow stripe version of #00 below. #00 is made for those who write tall capital letters.

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Yellow Stripe Handwriting Paper

The size listed on the yellow stripe paper indicates approximately how tall the yellow stripe is. All files are pdfPDF. Click on the image or file number to open.

please note that - With the exception of #8-2 all rules include the bottom line that enclosed the lower part of the rule for the "tails" of letters such as lowercase g, p, q, y.

Horizontal Paper


tall yellow stripe paper

*Yellow Stripe #00 shown below.
00-tall yellow stripe paper#00 is for those who write tall capital letters. The upper line is dashed to merely indicate the height of the lower case tall letters. The yellow line is 1/8" high.

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