Beginners Manuscript Handwriting Lessons

How to Use the Printables

First teach your child how to draw the letters before allowing her to practice. Your child should trace all dashed letters and, in any blank spaces, she should attempt to write the letter on her own. You should observe your child to make certain that she is doing it right. If today's writing lesson is made of letters that have already been taught then observe and teach if needed.

The Link Colors

Some of the worksheets lessons have a background of either orange or blue. This color means something about the lesson. Read on to find out what the colors mean.

Orange - Warm-ups

warm up exercisesThe handwriting printables that introduce a new letter will have warm-up exercises. The printables with the warm-ups are easy to spot because I have highlighted the links in orange. The other printables do not have warm-up exercises.

Blue - Advanced

Lesson 36 Advanced Some of the lessons have two printables to go with it. One of the printables has the abbreviation -adv following the lesson number. The handwriting lessons that are marked with -adv have word writing practice and the focus is primarily on spacing words. The advanced handwriting exercises are optional. I included them because my daughter wanted to write words when she was learning to read with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

These files are included with the Basic Subscription and YoungMinds or you can purchase a single PDF file that contains the 133 handwriting lessons. Read More

The Files - Labeled with 100 EZ Lesson Numbers

Blank Paper *Use the blank paper printable for further practice.

The lessons follow a fairly consistent format but after lesson 69, these handwriting lessons change. On the lessons after 69, the bottom two lines will be blank so that you can choose what your child needs to practice.


There are 14 word card printables with 21 cards on each printable. To use the cards, print them, cut them out, then allow your child to trace the word on the card. Keep the cards in a little box and use the cards for reading practice and making sentences.

Sounds & Blends Cards ^^^ ditto
see also: The Cards: Letter Sounds and Blends

Word Cards

word cards

Sounds & Blends Cards

Printer cutting off margins?

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Printable Handwriting and Lined Filler Paper

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