Tracing Shapes

The handwriting readiness lessons on this page are for children who need to practice writing the basic shapes of the printed letter. My daughter did these lessons in kindergarten.

  1. Each file labeled Week # contains 4 printable worksheets.
  2. A suggested 5 week schedule is included below.
  3. The files labeled "Fun" contain one printable worksheet each.
  4. An award certificate may be printed.
  5. A suggested schedule is below.

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Suggested Schedule and Anchor Links


Print any one of the "Fun" printable files or choose from Readiness 2

Blank Rules, 2 with Shapes
Optional: Award

These files are included with the Basic Subscription and YoungMinds or you can purchase a single PDF file that contains the Printing Readiness handwriting lessons. Read More

The Printing Readiness Worksheets

Week One

Worksheets 1-4

Week One

Week Two

Worksheets 5-8

Week Two

Week Three

Worksheets 9-12

Week Three - Handwriting rule is added starting this week.

Week Four

Worksheets 13-16

Week Four

Week Five

Worksheets 17-20

Week Five

Blank Lines - 2 with Shapes

AwardPrinting Readiness Certificate

docCertificate of Completion
Doc: Add child's name

Related- Printing Readiness 2 and Other Tracing

Printing Readiness 2

Printing Readiness 2 has 23 printable drawings. Parts of the drawings may be traced to further aid the student with pencil control.

More Tracing
Simple Drawings to Trace
Temporarily this page will include Donna Young's Mona Lisa Tracing Printable File

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Handwriting Readiness 2

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