HWT Handwriting Practice

HWT- Letter DI made the worksheets on this page using a font that has similar style to letters of a particular handwriting program that I can't name because it is trademarked. It's nicknamed HWT or HWoT among those who talk about the program online.

Below - Image of Letters used in Worksheets
HWT Letters

While I am grouping these worksheets as "K-1" please also refer to the rule height when choosing which worksheets to use. The handwriting worksheets on this page will have a rule height of approximately 5/8 inch.

Uppercase Letters

In most cases, the uppercase letters are grouped according to stroke. The worksheet prints in portrait and there are two lessons per printed page.

Upper part: L, H, F, E; Lower Part: P, D, B, R
Upper part: N, M, V, W; Lower Part: C, G, O, Q
Upper part: T, I, J, Blank; Lower Part: Y, X, K, A
Upper part: S, Z, U, Blank; Lower Part: Blank
2- Lesson Blank Worksheet
1 Lesson Blank Worksheet

Basic Letter Practice

Pictured below is the layout of Basic Letter Practice. Each file features one letter and the placement of every letter is guided to a certain degree. Each worksheet could be completed in one sitting or in two sittings.

HWT Practice Worksheets

Aa | Bb | Cc | Dd | Ee | Ff | Gg | Hh | Ii | Jj | Kk | Ll | Mm | Nn | Oo | Pp | Qq | Rr | Ss | Tt | Uu | Vv | Ww | Xx | Yy | Zz

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3 Short Lessons - Lowercase Practice

In 3 Short Lessons each printable contains at least three letters and each letter may be completed in one lesson. The student will practice writing each letter on two lines. Letter placement is guided to a certain degree.

Lowercase - HWoT - 3 Short Lessons


abc | def | ghi | jkl | mno | pqr | stu | vwx | yz | blank

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