HWT Handwriting Lessons

Coordinated with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy LessonsLetter introduction and practice is coordinated with the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. For handwriting practice, the book is not required.

These files are included with the Basic Subscription and YoungMinds or you can purchase a single PDF file that contains the TYCTR + HWoT 100 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons. Read More

While the letters chosen for the handwriting practice are based on the suggested handwriting lessons in the book, the lessons might or might not completely adhere to suggestions in the book because I have added word practice and uppercase letters in some of the lessons.

HWT- Letter DI made the worksheets on this page using a font that has similar style to letters of a particular handwriting program that I can't name because it is trademarked. For more handwriting practice in this style go to: HWT Handwriting Practice Worksheets.

Rule Height: The height of the letters is approximately 5/8 inch. The rule has two lines instead of 3 lines.

Below - Image of Letters used in Worksheets
HWT Letters

Difficulty - These worksheets are more intense than the worksheets at 133 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons for Beginners. By intense, I am referring to ...

  1. the smaller letter size
  2. the student will write the letters more often during each lesson
  3. there are no warm-ups
  4. most lessons will have word writing practice
  5. Each letter will have guided practice during the first dozen or so times that the letter appears in the lessons. After that the students should write the letter on their own.

Each printout has two lessons and each lesson will have letter practice for 2 or more letters. Some lessons will contain a word and some lessons will have an uppercase letter.

The Files

Because there will be 100 lessons with a short description of each lesson, I have spread the lessons over four web pages. The links to the groups of lessons are in the top navigation and here:

  1. HWT Handwriting Lessons 1 - 24 - Finished
  2. HWT Handwriting Lessons 25 - 50 - Finished
  3. HWT Handwriting Lessons 51 - 74 - Finished
  4. HWT Handwriting Lessons 75 - 100 - Finished

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Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The HWT Handwriting Lessons

For all choices in HWT handwriting paper please go to: Double Line Printable Paper

HWT Manuscript Handwriting Strips
HWT Manuscript

Print, cut apart, attach to student's notebooks
See other handwriting strips at: Printable Handwriting Strips

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Project ongoing - 1st files uploaded on August 12, 2014.

Note: I no longer have this book. The lessons are based on two things -
1. The lessons at 133 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons for Beginners and
2. The notes that I made many years ago from the book

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