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I used the calendars on this page to teach my children how calendars work, how many days each month has, the days of weeks, and so forth. I always used the blank-top calendar. My children drew a picture at the top of every calendar that they made. The picture that they drew was related to the month in some way. For instance, a winter month might have a snow scene and the summer months might feature outdoor activities such as picnics.

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printablesCalendar Set – Landscape pdf doc

New January 2010:

  • Two file types [pdf and doc] with 4 blank calendar choices
  • Calendars are landscape oriented [print horzontally]
  • Two calendars have a drawing/image space on top
  • The other two calendars use the full page with no drawing/image space
  • In each of the two types, one has 5 rows and the other has 6 rows. Most of the months in a year will use the calendar with 5 rows.

Image of the File Content

printablesThe Files

pdfReady to Print, just open, choose which pages to print and print them Does not have the dotted line

docDownload to your computer and edit the file before printing *Replace the dotted lines with the month

printablesBlank-Top Calendar – Portrait pdf

I used the blank-top calendar without words most often for educational purposes. I instructed my children how to make a monthly calendar. They used the blank top section to draw a seasonally appropriate drawing.

With Words
pdfBlank-top Calendar

Without Words
pdfBlank-top Calendar

printablesOrdinary Blank Calendar – Portrait pdf

This calendar has space at the top for writing the month and optionally, a small drawing. It is available with or without the days. It can be used for educational purposes and for other purposes such as making a monthly lunch menu

Without Words
pdfBlank Calendar.

printablesList-top Blank Calendar – Portrait pdf

The List-top blank calendar has two lists, one for important dates and a to-do list.

With Words
pdfList-top Calendar

Without Words
pdfList-top Calendar

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printablesFull Page Calendar – Landscape pdf

The horizontal calendar can be used in the same way as the vertical calendars. A full sheet drawing can be drawn by the child to accompany each month.

With Words
pdfHorizontal Blank Calendar

Without Words
pdfHorizontal Blank Calendar

Year-Long Blank Calendars


Blue Calendar

pdfNo Month Names, No Dates
pdfHas Month Names, No Dates

See Also: Dated Blue School Calendars and Printable Dated Vertical Calendars


Calendar Frame

pdfNo Month Names, No Dates
pdfHas Month Names, No Dates

See Also: Dated Calendar Frame


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