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Daily Schedule

The planners on this page are for those homeschoolers who like to make a daily homeschool schedule. The first planner is a timer and the second is a daily planner. The daily planner comes in 3 colors. Both planner styles are available in pdfPDF and docDOC.


Dated Daily Planner Spreadsheet

dated daily planner

Files: The files are available in XLS and XLXS.
XLS: Dated Daily XLS (excel 2002-2003)
XLSX: Dated Daily XLSX (excel 2007+)
The files were updated 7/28/2013 to correct the dates.

The daily dated planner does one thing:

  1. With it you can make a daily planner that is pre-filled with subjects and dates but not lesson plans. You can generate one week's worth of daily lesson planners at a time for printing. Subsequent weeks are easily generated with a number from the drop-down list in cell D1.

The dated daily planner is meant to be printed, then filled by hand with lesson plans or the daily school record.

videoWatch the video
The Dated Daily Planner Spreadsheet


Lesson Plan Timer

The image above shows the header of the timer. This is the DOC file. You should change the message, "A Reminder from Mom can go here or an encouraging word." to something else.


docHomeschool Timer[DOC]

pdfHomeschool Timer [PDF]


Color Daily Schedule Planner

The Daily Schedule Header

The daily schedule forms below were donated by Kenetha Hodges, a homeschool mom who is also an Independent Avon Sales Representative. Kenetha made these forms in 3 colors, one color for each homeschooled child. She provided doc format with subject names filled in. You can change the subjects to the ones that you are using. For those who do not have a program that supports DOC, I converted the files to PDF after removing the subject titles.

Blue Daily Planner  


docBlue Daily Schedule[DOC]

pdfBlue Daily Schedule [PDF]

Pink Daily Planner  


docPink Daily Schedule[DOC]

pdfPink Daily Schedule [PDF]

Green Daily Planner  


docGreen Daily Schedule[DOC]

pdfGreen Daily Schedule [PDF]

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