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Exploring Creation With General Science Edition one is no longer sold at stores. If you can find a 2nd hand copy of the two-volume set at a decent price, get them - Unless:
1. You are in a co-op and they are using 2nd edition books.
2. The test and solutions book is not included; you will need the test and solutions book!

Exploring Creation With General Science Edition 1 Lesson PlanseIt can be hard to find 1st edition books, people really like these books and tend to hang on to them. My daughter wants to keep the books and so I still have all of mine, or maybe I should say, I still have my daughter's books.

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For First Edition: I have two different lesson plans to choose from and I will tell you the differences to help you decide which one to choose. I should also mention that you can choose to follow one or the other at any given module.

Two Different Lesson Plans - Compare Them

About Lesson Plan #1

Exploring Creation With General Science Edition 1 Lesson Plans

141 Days
Labs: Scheduled with text regardless of time
Difficulty: Higher on over-scheduled days

Notes: Lesson Plan #1

Lesson Plan #1 will have both reading and experiments on the same day. This could cause science class to be very long on some days. This could also cause issues with the student having less time for the lab write up. If you decide to use Lesson Plan #1, please note the classes that will be longer than usual and adjust accordingly.

CD-Rom users: This Lesson Plan has page numbers only. You would need to convert the schedule using the Exploring Creation With General Science Table of Contents (TOC)
Table of Contents for Edition One: table of contents in pdf fileTOC | table of contents in text fileTOC

Files for Lesson Plan #1 are below

donna youngs awesome printable files - you're welcomeFiles for Lesson Plan #1

141 back to back days or 32 weeks, some weeks not full.
No DOC format and No Bookmarks

PDF fileLesson Plan #1 One by Modules
Modules 1 & 2 | Modules 3 & 4 | Modules 5 & 6 | Modules 7 & 8 | Modules 9 & 10 | Modules 11 & 1 | Modules 13 & 14 | Modules 15 & 16

pdfVocabulary for Modules 5 - 10 | Modules 11 - 16
Note: Vocabulary for modules 1-4 is included in the lesson plans for modules 1-4.

text fileText file
PDF fileAcrobat PDF
a document, typically a DOC, microsoft wordWord DOC
Zip fileCompressed file {ZIP]
------ End of Lesson Plan #1 Files ------

About Lesson Plan #2

Exploring Creation With General Science Edition 1 Lesson Plans

Days: 169
Labs: Scheduled on separate days if possible
Difficulty: Normal

Notes: Lesson Plan #2

When making Lesson Plan #2 I slotted most of the experiments on days by themselves. The lesson plan has all of the weeks but one scheduled as full 5-day weeks. Your child would have to do science every day, 5 days a week. Lesson Plan #2 is more generous for long or difficult content. Two modules that are either long or difficult, 1 and 16, are spread over 3 weeks each. The printouts for Lesson Plan #2 have spaces for grade records and notes. Lesson Plan #2 has bookmarks that the student could use for notes and as a study aid.

CD-Rom users: This schedule has both page numbers and topic titles.

Files for Lesson Plan #2 are below.

donna youngs awesome printable files - you're welcomeFiles for Lesson Plan #2

Schedule uses 169 days or 34 weeks. All but one week are full 5-day weeks. The lesson plan is available in both PDF and DOC formats.

pdf Schedule Two by Modules Modules 1 & 2: 5 Weeks | Modules 3 & 4: 4 Weeks | Modules 5 & 6: 4 Weeks | Modules 7 & 8: 4 Weeks | Modules 9 & 10: 4 Weeks | Modules 11 & 12: 4 Weeks | Modules 13 & 14: 4 Weeks | Modules 15 & 16: 5 Weeks
compressed documentzip Complete Schedule Two This is a compressed DOC format of Lesson Plan #2 - download and unzip.

pdf Vocabulary  
pdfBookmarks for Lesson Plan #2 - Includes checklist-style schedule, vocabulary & notes
Modules: 1,2,3 | Modules: 4,5,6 | Modules: 7,8,9 | Modules: 10,11,12 | Modules: 13,14 | Modules: 15,16

------ End of Lesson Plan #2 Files ------

Schedule Planner

donna youngs awesome printable files - you're welcomeThe schedule planner is modeled after the one for the second edition. The planner can be opened in either doc or pdf formats.

docSchedule Planner for Edition One

pdfSchedule Planner for Edition One

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