AOP LifePac Electives Art

LifePac Electives Art is designed for 7th-12th grade students. It is an introduction into formal art lessons. What your student gets from this course depends on how intensively the topics are practiced.

My Use of AOP Electives Art

I used some of the books for my daughter's high school art classes. She studied art for 3 years in high school and I used AOP Art along with additional resources during two of those years. In "Week by Week" in the menu above, I wrote about units 1 and 2.

My Opinion of AOP Electives Art

The subject matter of the books are the elements of art and topics in the books are taught throughout all grades in school. With AOP Electives Art, your students can learn the terminology and how the various elements and usage thereof affect the student's art, and in turn, the student should make the thought connection of how to utilize the different elements to better express what they are trying to communicate with their artwork. So my opinion is more on the good side with this curriculum set. And as leanring goes in many cases, what your student gets out of this course depends on the effort put forth by your student.

My set of AOP LifePac Electives Art booksPublisher: Alpha Omega Publications
ISBN: 0740301756 (complete set)
Publication Date: 2000

The complete set includes the teacher's guide and 10 workbooks. The books are also sold separately. Each workbook has exercises, vocabulary, and tests. Below is a list of what each book is about. Web sites that offer a "look inside" of books such as might show a few pages of each of these books.

Book Links go to (CBD)
301748: Lifepac Electives: Art, Workbook Set Lifepac Electives: Art, Workbook Set
By Alpha Omega / Alpha Omega Publications
60173X: Lifepac Electives: Art, Teacher"s Guide Lifepac Electives: Art, Teacher's Guide
By Alpha Omega / Alpha Omega Publications
See flip-through video of Teacher's Guide at bottom of this page

About Each of the Ten Books

Unit I: Concepts in Design

301632: Art Lifepac 1: Concepts in Design Art Lifepac 1: Concepts in Design
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. The Design Process
2. Principles of Design and Composition

ISBN: 0740301632
Unit 1 covers concepts in design. Part I is about the design process and the elements that make up design such as line, implied line, actual line, imaginary/mental line, texture, value, color, and shape. Part II discusses the principles of design and composition. The principles discusses are balance, focal point, movement, and division of space.

Unit II: Principles of Color

301640: Art Lifepac 2: Principles of Color Art Lifepac 2: Principles of Color
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. The Color Wheel
2. Color Phenomenon
3. The Meaning of Color

ISBN: 0740301640
Lifepac Art Unit 2 covers principles of color, including the color wheel; color mixing; local, optical and arbitrary color; color theory; and more. 43 pages with evaluation and glossary; magazine style binding.

Unit III: Design Personality

301659: Art Lifepac 3: Design Personality Art Lifepac 3: Design Personality
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. Design Personality
2. Idea Generation

ISBN: 0740301659
Art Lifepac 3 covers design personality. That means the emotion or drama that the line style in a design can imply. It is basically a study of the personality of line and texture. Part two of the book goes into idea generation. I cannot find my copy of this book, so I cannot elaborate on that.

Unit IV: Perspective

301667: Art Lifepac 4: Perspective Art Lifepac 4: Perspective
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. History
2. Understanding Perspective
3. Equal Division of Space

ISBN: 0740301667
Lifepac Art Unit 4 covers perspective, including linear perspective; one-and-two point perspective; grids; finding the center; shading and more. 44 pages with glossary and evaluation; magazine style binding.
Related: See Donna Young's Lesson Plans for this book - At the bottom of that page is a flip-through video of the book

Unit V: Figure Drawing

301675: Art Lifepac 5: Figure Drawing Art Lifepac 5: Figure Drawing
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. The Head
2. Shading
3. The Body

ISBN: 0740301675
Lifepac Art Unit 5 covers figure drawing, including the head; shading various body parts; proportions; background and more. 29 pages with evaluation and glossary; magazine-style binding.

Unit VI: Sculpture

301683: Art Lifepac 6: Sculpture Art Lifepac 6: Sculpture
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. Three Forms of Sculpture
2. Fours Methods of Sculpture
3. Modeling, Casting, and Carving

ISBN: 0740301683
Lifepac Art Unit 6 covers Sculpture.

Unit VII: Comics

301691: Art Lifepac 7: Comics Art Lifepac 7: Comics
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. History
2. The Cartoon Figure
3. Layout and Design

ISBN: 0740301691
Lifepac Art Unit 7 covers comics, including how to draw parts of the cartoon figure, layout and design of the panel and camera angles, composition, backgrounds, text and more. 35 pages with glossary and evaluation, paperback.
Related: See Donna Young's Planning Guide- AOP Electives Art - Unit 7 Comics

Unit VIII: Printmaking

301705: Art Lifepac 8: Printmaking Art Lifepac 8: Printmaking
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. Stencil Making
2. Relief Printing
3. Intaglio Printing
4. Monoprinting

ISBN: 0740301705
Lifepac Art Unit 8 covers printmaking.

Unit IX: Calligraphy

301713: Art Lifepac 9: Calligraphy Art Lifepac 9: Calligraphy
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. Practice
2. Layout and Design
3. Concept and Sketching

ISBN: 0740301713
Lifepac Art Unit 9 covers the different aspects of calligraphy.

Unit X: Art Appreciation

301721: Art Lifepac 10: Art Appreciation Art Lifepac 10: Art Appreciation
By Alpha Omega Publications

1. The Purpose of Art
2. Recent Movements and Styles
3. Art Forms

ISBN: 0740301721
Lifepac Art Unit 10 covers art appreciation by century and by art forms.

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