Linear Perspective

The pictures below are a tiny sampling of what you can do with perspective drawing. This is an elementary introduction and if you find that you want to learn more about perspective then I urge you to seek a book that teaches it in detail.

To do this linear/technical perspective you will need:

  1. large drawing surface
  2. paper and drafting tape (to tape the paper to the drawing surface)
  3. 18" straight edge, a yard stick might do as long as it is straight
  4. pencils, erasers
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That is all for this introduction to perspective. Study the drawings and try to draw using perspective.

Perspective books:
I have all of the books linked below and my undisclosed opinion varies on each of the books.
(Links last checked August 2, 2011)

Elementary: Lessons in Perspective Drawing published by Rod and Staff

7th - High School: Lifepacs Elective Art Unit 4 (You do not need the teacher's book for this one course, in my opinion)

Advanced: The Art of Teaching Art by D. Rockman. Heads-up- This is an art book, so of course there are nudes in it.
Also check your library and the internet for resources.

Perspective for those who want to draw comics - Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up.

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