3-Month School Calendars

The Ruled 3-Month Calendar is laid out so that each year is spread over 4 pages with each page having 3 months. Next to each calendar are ruled lines.

3-Months per page Ruled Calendars

The files - Ruled 3-Month Calendar

pdfThe Files - Page one begins with July, read more below.

Ruled 3-Month Calendar


Print all Four Pages or the Ones that You Need

Each file has four pages. You may print all four pages or print the pages that you need. Some people will need to open next year's file to complete their school calendar with the months that they need. Below is a list of the months on each page in the file.

  1. Page 1 - July, August, September ("this" year)
  2. Page 2 - October, November, December ("this" year)
  3. Page 3 - January, February, March ("next" year)
  4. Page 4 - April, May, June ("next" year)

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