A Chart of US Federal Holidays

The "Day Off" (for federal employees & some private sector workers) Holidays In The USA
See Wikipedia article at USA Holidays for full list

First the Notes

*Christmas -12/25
Thanksgiving Day - fourth Thursday in November
*Veterans Day - November 11 (or nearest weekday)
*Columbus Day - October 12 (actual/traditional); second Monday in October
Labor Day - first Monday in September
*Independence Day - July 4th
Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
Washington's Birthday - Third Monday in February
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) - The third Monday in January
*New Year's Day - January 1st

The dates on this chart are gathered from https://www.opm.gov/Operating_Status_Schedules/fedhol
* Some holidays are not on their typical date because it lands on a weekend.
The dates shown in the chart are the possible "day-off-from-work" dates. See list above for actual dates.

Holiday 2018 2019 2020
New Year's Day 1/1 1/1 1/1
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/15 1/21 1/20
Washington's Birthday 2/19 2/18 2/17
Memorial Day 5/28 5/27 5/25
Independence Day 7/4 7/4 7/3*
Labor Day 9/3 9/2 9/7
Columbus Day 10/8 10/14 10/12
Veterans Day 11/12* 11/11 11/11
Thanksgiving Day 11/22 11/28 11/26
Christmas Day 12/25 12/25 12/25

Easter & Passover

Good Friday falls on the Friday before Easter. Full moon dates are in brackets in the Western column.

Year Western [Gregorian] Eastern [Julian] Jewish Passover
2015 4/5 [4/4] 4/12 4/4
2016 3/27 [3/23] 5/1 4/23
2017 4/16 [4/11] 4/11
2018 4/1 [3/31] 4/8 3/31
2019 4/21 [3/21] * 4/28 4/20
2020 4/12 [4/8] 4/19 4/9

* In the year 2019, the astronomical Easter date is March 24th. The first full moon after the vernal equinox falls on March 21st and in that year, 2019, the vernal equinox occurs on March 20th at 9:58 P.M. UT **. The second full moon after the vernal equinox falls on April 19th.

** 2019 vernal equinox date: http://www.usno.navy.mil/USNO/astronomical-applications/data-services/earth-seasons

The Vernal Equinox

The Easter Date is calculated as the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox. The vernal equinox occurs at a certain time on either March 20th or 21st when the center of sun is vertically over the equator and on that day, night and day are roughly of the same length of time. The "First day of Spring" falls on the same day as the vernal equinox. This means that Easter always occurs in the Spring and typically following the first full moon. Sometimes it follows the second full moon [see 2019 in the chart].

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