12-V, Matrix Calendar

12-V is nicknamed "Matrix" because the days in the months on this calendar run down the page in a single column.

The weekends are green and non-days are gray. The calendars begin in the months of January, July, and August. The midyear calendars have typeable headers.

12-V, Matrix Calendar - 12 Vertical Months

Files 12-V

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The School (midyear) Calendar Have Typeable Headers
: Change the headers and then print, more information below.

21-22 - Not Typeable
22-23 - Not Typeable

Files for 12-V are updated for the year 2021,
Donna Young

The typeable header version of this style, Green Vertical Months, is discontinued after the school year 20-21.

The midyear calendars have a typeable pdftypeable header. If your computer is compatible with the typeable fields in the midyear calendar, then the text in the header may be changed or removed before printing.

important informationAdobe READER will not save what you type! The typeable pdf's are meant to be printed. Do not consider using the typeable pdf's as a running document UNLESS you have Adobe Acrobat.

See Also

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