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I have received email from a few YoungMinds CD-ROM customers that are worded similarly to the one below:

I am confused. I am "YoungMinds CD-ROM Customer" and supposedly have Lifetime access. Yet when I have tried to download several calendars from the website, I am continually given the message that I do not have access to these files. Do I need to purchase an annual subscription on top of what I have already paid for?

The information on this page is for CD-ROM customers who have a login at this website but never bought a subscription. Any information on this page only applies to those particular CD-ROM customers.

If you purchased a YoungMinds CD-ROM between 2011 and 2015, then you might have also registered at this website. The membership is lifetime and allows you to download V Planner files. You are the only group of people with this benefit. Additionally, you have the added benefit of acquiring a subscription at a discount. was changed into a subscription site during September 2015 and this occurred months after I stopped selling CD-ROMs. Other than V Planner access, the CD-ROMs never allowed any special access to and, except for V Planners, the need for special access did not exist before the day the site was closed off.

I hope this clears up the confusion.


Donna Young

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