Coin Counting Worksheets

This page offers 30 printable money worksheets with which the student can practice counting coins and matching coins to the value. All worksheets feature USA currency. If you would rather have your child practice counting money without worksheets, see the Computer Money Quizzes.

In addition to the 30 printable worksheets, I have included templates that you can use to make more coin counting worksheets. The templates are in formats DOC and XLS and they include coin images to copy and paste.

Pennies Only "Add the Pennies"

Worksheets are listed in order of difficulty.


Add Pennies 1
Add Pennies 2 includes plus and equal signs
Add Pennies 3 includes plus and equal signs
Add Pennies 4
Add Pennies 5

Pennies and Nickels

money worksheets

This set features pennies and nickels. Each worksheet includes 10 problems in which the student adds the value of the coins and writes the answer. Each worksheet includes a strip of traceable numbers to encourage neatness.

The Printable Files

Pennies alone and sometimes with one nickel

Pennies alone and sometimes with up to two nickels

Count the Money

money worksheets

Count the Money worksheets includes three small sets, each set requiring a different action by the student.

Count and Circle, pictured here, requires the student to count the money and circle the answer.

Count and Write requires the student to count the money and write the answer.

Count and Match requires the student to match a priced product with a group of coins.

The Printable Files

Count and Circle I
Count and Circle II
Count and Circle III

Count and Write I
Count and Write II
Count and Write III

Count and Match I

Count the Coins

Another style of Counting Coins and Writing the Value. These are plain and the coins print around 80% of actual size. There are 8 problems per print-out. You could just open the file, not print the file, and have the child tell you the answers.

The Printable Files

Count Coins 1
Count Coins 2
Count Coins 3
Count Coins 4
Count Coins 5

Write the Value and One Money Match

This group of files require a subscription to YoungMinds .

Write the Value

# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5
# 6

Money Subtraction

The student is to count the value of the money pictured on both sides, write the values on the line under the money, and then subtract. The instructions make no mention of the paper money, but if a dollar bill or a five dollar bill is in the picture, it also must be counted. The Information and Answers file contains the answers as well a detailed description of the bills and coins in each group.

Money Subtraction


The doc and spreadsheet below contain coin images and a couple of templates that one may use to make coin worksheets for his or her students. Please know that using the spreadsheet or the doc to create worksheets is not quick and easy.

Spreadsheet Template


spreadsheet Money Worksheet Template
starAlways check print preview before printing.

Doc Template

doc Money Worksheet Template DOCX | DOC
starCoin images are on page three.

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