Assembling the Game Boards

To assemble the game boards it is helpful if you have the following things or something similar to these items

  1. an x-acto knife
  2. a cutting board
  3. a clear straight ruler
  4. wide clear tape

Here is a picture of my old supplies. The cutting board is very old and it's been used for many things. My cutting board and clear ruler are the kind used for quilting (cutting fabric with a rotary cutter).


  1. Lay the game board on the cutting surface.
  2. Line up the edge of the border lines or the last squares with the edge of the ruler.
  3. With the knife, cut along the ruler's edge.

Here is a picture

trim board

  1. Cut both of the boards.
  2. With the boards facing each other, line up the cut edges.
  3. Tape the edges (the tape will go on the back of the boards) This allows the game board to be opened and folded for storage.
  4. Now all you need to do it make the game on the board.


The typical meandering trail game with a start, a shortcut, and a finish.

meandering trail

The Race Track- Similar to games like Monopoly,[games that go around and around until something runs out (usually money.)

race track board

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