Homemade Games

Those who teach children, whether at home, school, or church, occasionally use games to practice topics in a fun way. This is just another teaching method.

game card templatesGame Cards

A variety of game card templates, both rectangular and round. Some include doc templates. Printable decorative card back files are on this page as well.

game board templatesBoard Game Templates

Board game templates for two styles - race track and continuous track until something runs out. See also: Game Board Assembly

Bingo Games

bingo gamePrintable Bingo Game

A printable bingo game consisting of 22 cards and the call numbers.

math bingo gameMath Bingo

This page features 100's of Printable addition bingo cards and multiplication bingo cards.

preposition bingoPreposition Bingo Game

Playing preposition bingo helps one to better recognize propositions. This page features over 100 printable preposition bingo cards.

word bingoWord Bingo

This page has Printable bingo cards featuring word themes. Currently I have: Short Vowel Words Bingo, Short E Words Bingo, and Farm Life Bingo.

GeoSafari Templates, Codes, and How-To's

geosafari*GeoSafari Resources

You will find instructions, codes, and templates for the GeoSafari unit.

*The GeoSafari unit is no longer being produced

Loose Files, First: Printable Dice

Dice Instructions: Choose a file, open the file, print on card stock.
Write on each of the sides of each die.
Glue together.

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Drawing in Linear Perspective
Drawing in Linear Perspective
Drawing a Grid in One-Point Perspective

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Donna's Matrix Calendar

Drawing Ia Lessons: Line Angle and Position

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