Cards for Homemade Games

Cards are not just for games. The cards may be printed and used to make flash cards for math, language arts, or any other subject. Print some and give them to your children. They can write the new words or sounds that they learn. They might want to make play money or games of their own creation.


Most games require cards, here you will find a variety of sizes. Print these on card stock if you need them to be durable. Covering cards (before you cut them out) with clear contact paper makes them easier to handle. Of course before you cover the cards, you will need to write on the cards first. If you want to print a design on the backs of the cards, there are card backs below. If you print a different back on each group of cards, then they will be easier to keep separate. For instance, if you make a math game, print a back on the entire set of cards for that particular game and later, if you print cards for a different game, use a different back on the whole set of card for the new game.

Border Detail

fit to pageFancy Cards 

The cards below are bordered. Each file has 28 cards per sheet. Each one is slightly different and some have a matching back. NOTE: The files have small borders and may be cut off by your printer. If you think the edges will not print, choose Fit to paper from the Page Handling drop-down list.

While I noted the matching background, you are not locked into using any background or the one recommended.

pdfBlack & White

Matches Back
pdf#14 or pdf#13

pdfBlack & White

Matches Back
pdf#14 or pdf#13

pdfBlue & White

Matches the card back pdf#10

pdfBlack and White

Matches Back
pdf#14 or pdf#13

Card Backs 

Print on the backs of the cards. Useful for decoration and keeping the cards sorted.

black & white

black and white

black & white, letters

black & white, numbers

color, squares

yellow flowers

red & white

green & white


blue & white

black & white

black & white

black and white

card shaped 14 black & white
card shaped for Fancy Cards

Printing Note: If you printed the the Fancy cards with the "Fit to Paper" selection, then also print this file the same way.

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