Make Cursive Handwriting Lessons with Your Word Processor

Font with LinesHomeschooling moms who visit my handwriting printables often ask me if I know of a cursive font or a program that can be used to make handwriting practice sheets. The question varies, but the following is what I usually tell the moms who write.

Cursive Font

A cursive font named schoolscriptdashed has lines built into it and the letters connect well. It is pictured above in the small image.
You can download the file from here: ZIP file It is a true type font. Download it, unzip it, and install it.

Using the Font

Before you can use the font, you will need to download, extract (unzip), and install it. If you do not know how to install fonts, open a search engine and type, “install fonts” to search for instructions. Once the font is installed, open your word processor.

Choose the font from the list of fonts and start typing. You will notice one major thing right off:
1. Spaces do not have lines.
To make lined spaces or to make blank lined paper, type using the “\” key.

Later you will notice that letters do not have the leading tail. The font designer thought of that too. To get the leading tail, type the “|” key in front of the first letter in lower case words. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Format Font

This is where I might lose you. My instructions are based on my word processor, Microsoft Word. You might have a different word processor and the how-to might be different to the same outcome.

To make the font exactly as you want it, you will need to Format the font. In your word processor program, go to the Format menu. It should have Font in the list, select it.

Format the Font

The image shown is from Microsoft Word 2002. I have circled in red the parts you might need to adjust. Format your font’s Size and Color. If you have other types of effects, play with them to see if any are useful to you. I have outline selected in the image and that makes the font hollow. Once you find the right settings for your practice sheets, take note of them so this will be quicker next time.

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