Garden Mulch for the Leeks

Donna Young @ 5 April 2010

I gathered the mulch from the woods to place around the leek plants and over the entire bed, including the trench walls. Below is a close up picture of the mulched bed.

To spread the mulch, I protected a leek plant with one hand and dropped mulched around it with the other. The mulch is around 2 inches deep.

mulched leek bed

I used an old mop bucket to carry the mulch from the woods. It took several trips. My husband's disassembled metal shop is currently blocking the gate to the woods. I could walk around it, but there was no room to maneuver a wheel barrow.

After that I took a walk in the woods to see the wild flowers and spring leaves. Below is a view of my compost piles.

compost piles

A week or two ago, I worked in the woods, clearing fallen branches and the fallen trees that I could move. While there, I saw blue jay feathers scattered about. I found them again today and took a picture.

jay feathers

While I am off my topic, I have to tell you that this morning, I heard a mourning dove hit a sour note.

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