Lollipop Tree Ornaments

My mother gave some of these years to me ago and she also gave some supplies to make the rest. They look cute hanging on the Christmas tree and are easy to make.


-Several brightly colored scraps of fabric (will be cut into 6 inch squares)
-Bright ribbon, I use green or red
-Bag of 12 inch bamboo skewers or 1/8 inch dowels
-Several 1 inch styrofoam balls (You can also use old waded foil which has been hammered into a 1 inch ball. The ornament pictured has a foil ball instead of styrofoam)
-Ordinary white glue
-some paper clips (for hangers, or you can use something else)



Each lollipop uses: 1 6-inch fabric square, 1 styrofoam ball, 1 6-inch skewer, 1 18-inch piece of ribbon, a dab of glue here and there, and one paper clip.


Cutting Out

Fabric: cut into 6 inch squares. You can use pinking shears if you have them.
Skewers or dowels: cut into 6 inch pieces
Ribbon: cut into 18 inch pieces



Take one styrofoam ball and one skewer. Stick the skewer into the ball at the middle around 1/2 inch into the ball. Center a piece of fabric on top of the ball and pull it tightly down over the ball to the skewer. While holding the fabric against the skewer, arrange the folds to your liking. Take a ribbon and wrap it around the fabric and stick twice. Tie a square knot, then tie a nice bow. Add a dab of glue to the bow to keep it tied. Take a paper clip and pierce the fabric at the back of the ball to attach the paper clip.

Addendum: If you are concerned that the fabric will ravel, apply specks of white glue to the edges of the fabric. If you think the sticks might slip out, then you can add some glue to the stick where the fabric is touching the stick.

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