Why donnayoung.org is no longer free

This answer is easy but no one wants to hear it.

Donnayoung.org was funded by ads and still is but at a much smaller scale. The wide use of Ad Blocker or Script Blocker damaged the advertising industry such that people like me started losing 60%+ of ad driven income.

Now you know. If you ever used an ad blocker or an add-on that disables scripts, you are partly to blame. However, I understand why people use those add-ons. Ads are obnoxious. No one likes being tracked. No one likes how ads slow down the internet.


So now I have to charge for file access and that makes me sad, but like other people, I need an income. Money does not fall out of the sky.

Like I said, this makes me sad to make you pay to print my files which, since 1999, were previously printable at no charge.


Donna Young

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