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New at DY in 2014

Below is a list of what is new at during this year. The list will also include new items in the subscription area. The subscription area items are marked with a YoungMinds image and have a gray background.

Missing Numbers Multiplication Charts

May 2014 > Math > Charts > Multiplication
math/multiplication-charts.htmEach multiplication chart is missing a set of numbers that are divisible by a certain number. The student may observe the pattern of missing numbers, fill in the missing numbers, and complete the multiplication problem set.

80 More Lessons for DN Style

May 2014 - Handwriting > By Style > DN
handwriting lessons in a style resembling dnealianI've added 80 more lessons to DN Style. The rule height is approximately 7/16" or about 12mm.

Handwriting Animations
for DN Style

May 2014 - Handwriting > By Style > DN
handwriting animations in a style resembling dnealianAnimations for DN Style
DN style is very similar to D'Nealian. There are 53 animated letters in this hand drawn set.

More Play Money

April 2014 - Math > Money > Play Money
million play money dollarsBy request I have added 4 more denominations to this set of small sized play money. This money is ideal for game money or for use as a learning tool.

K1 Manuscript Handwriting

April 2014 - Handwriting > Beginning Manuscript > Large Letters
K-1 Manuscript Handwriting LessonsI've added 31 new files to the "Large Letters" manuscript handwriting page. Most of the new worksheets are in a new set called Set 3. Rule height is appoximately 1 3/8".

More 9mm Rule

April 2014 - Handwriting > Paper > Filler
Filler Paper - 9mm RuleI've added 5 new files to the 9mm rule printable filler paper page - all with a book theme. login required YoungMinds subscribers have 7 new 9mm filler paper files.

Clock Worksheets

April 2014 - Math > Clocks
Clock WorksheetsI've added 3 dozen new clock worksheets to the Math- Clocks page. login required YoungMinds subscribers have 3 1/2 dozen new clock worksheets.

V Planner V4

login requiredMarch 2014 - Subscriber Content
V Planner V4V Planner V4 is ready to use. V Planner is a spreadsheet file and requires Microsoft Excel. The file is made available by either subscribing to YoungMinds or by purchasing a Site-CD. V Planner helps you manage your lesson plans and grades.

MM - Manuscript Medium

login requiredJanuary 2014 - DY > Handwriting > Beginning Manuscript
MM Medium - Handwriting lessonsMM Medium - Handwriting lessons with a rule size of approximately 1/2". This page is new and contains 80 handwriting lessons - 2 lessons per printed sheet.

XLSX Query String Generator

login requiredJanuary 2014 - DY > Handwriting >

XLSX Query String Generator for Gen The query string generator is a tool that allows you to plan the generated handwriting lessons ahead of time. It can create query strings for certain templates in M.Large and M.Medium.

Comic - Classic Layouts

January 2014 - Art > Comic
Centimeter Graph PaperI have added 3 new layouts - 4-Panel, 6-Panel, and 9-Panel. The gutters measure 1/4", the border should be around 1/2", and the panels on each page are the same size. Printed results could vary slightly from mine.

Grid Notes Generator

January 2014 - Math > Paper > Graph Paper I
Grid Notes GeneratorIn the sidebar of Graph Paper I page, I have added a generator that can place your list of 24 items on sheet of graph paper.

Centimeter Graph Paper

January 2014 - Math > Paper > Graph Paper I
Centimeter Graph PaperI've added 9 new printable graph papers. The base graph size is a centimeter. The set has 3 styles and 3 variations, hence, the 9 files. Sizes are approximate.

Spreadsheet Tool- Donna Young's Grade Calculator

January 2014 - Homeschool Planner > Administrative > Grades
Spreadsheet Tool- Donna Young's Grade CalculatorI've remade my grade calculators. The new calculators can handle up to 7 weighed values in points and percentages. Includes optional proration with the percentage values and optional letter grades.

Math Papers with 16, 20, 25, and 30 Boxes

January 2014 - Math > Papers
Math Papers with 16, 20, 25, and 30 Boxes I have added four new printable made-for-math-work papers. These papers features a certain numbers of boxes - 16 boxes, 20 boxes, 25 boxes, or 30 boxes.

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