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Five Column Planners

Like I don't have enough five column planners at this web site. Quite possibly they are here to coordinate with the other column planners, but a few of these 5-column planners offers a unique combination of amount of rows and ruled lines that my others do not have.

3 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

3 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

6 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

6 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

9 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

9 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

12 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

18 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

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Note:Clicking on the doc links might load your word processor inside of your default browser, making editing more difficult. Read how to get around that on the By Columns home page, 4th paragraph.

Ideas For The Column Homeschool Lesson Planners

column home school planner with image

Adding Images to the DOC Files: On the bottom of the Homeschool Planners with One Column page, you can read a little about adding images to the word document files. I placed images into two of the files and linked them as example files. The instructions on how to do this are listed, but there are no screen shots. Some of my other pages that show in more detail how to add images to doc files are linked under the instructions.

Number of Lesson Plan Pages in a Subject Planner per subject

A Quarter Planner has nine rows

If You Homeschool 36 5-day Weeks

  • Six-Week Term = 5 columns and 6 rows (1/6 year) = 6 pages
  • Quarter Planner = 5 columns and 9 rows (1/4 of year) = 4 pages
  • Trimester Planner = 5 columns and 12 rows (1/3 of year) = 3 pages
  • Semester Planner = 5 columns and 18 rows (1/2 of year) = 2 pages

The amount of pages is based on block to block planning of one subject. (No empty blocks between filled blocks).

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