12-16 Lab WU Grader, the Locked Cells and Where Not to Type

When I designed the spreadsheet, 12-16 Lab WU, I locked certain cells and protected the worksheets. Locked cells are locked because they contain formulas that make the calculations work. Without the formulas, the grader is useless.

  • Locked Cells = Usually contains formulas
  • Protected worksheet = Locked cells can't be changed by accident

Unlocked cells (open cells) can be typed-in for these purposes:

Consequences of Unprotecting a Worksheet

When you unprotect a worksheet you create the possiblity that formulas will be overwritten or deleted. If you do this, you will have fix the broken formulas or download a new 12-16 Lab-WU Grader and re-enter the student information and scores into the new grader. I will not fix it for you. I recommend that you keep the worksheets protected. If the worksheets are protected, the formulas are protected.

Screenshot of Worksheets 1-12

The illustration below highlights the locked cells in worksheets 1-12.

  • Locked cells are darkly shaded in the illustration.
  • NOTE: these cells are not darkly shaded in the actual workbook.
  • The light gray cells are "headers" to describe the scoring areas (Quiz, Test, Write-up, Assignments). Also "Module" may be changed to somethig else.
  • The lightest gray cells with red text are for assigning WEIGHT to the scoring areas.
  • The white cells are for scores and points. The white cells to the right are for comments.
  • TIP: Use the TAB key on your keyboard to find the open cells.

The image is full-sized, but if it is squashed, click the image to open it by itself in this window/tab.
this shows the cells that have formulas

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