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excel filesThe Grade Book File: XLS | XLSX
Roman Keyed
XLS is for Excel 97- 2003. XLSX is for Excel that is newer than 2003.

keyed grade bookWhat is Keyed?
In the case of this particular grade book, keyed means that it has column and row names that coordinate with certain term planners.

See image below - if you cannot see the image well enough, click here open only the image

what is keyed

The Planners
Alexia 4-Page Quarterly Planner - pdfPDF docDOC docRTF oooODT (doc, rtf, & odt formats require a font - see Alexia for more details)
Garamond - 4-Page Quarterly Planner pdf filepdf doc or rtf filedoc doc or rtf filertf
Garamond - 2-Page Semester Planner -- 5 columns -- pdf filepdf doc or rtf filedoc doc or rtf filertf
To coordinate with a weekly planner, you will have to write in the key.

Why Key?
A key is a reference. The key connects the grade to the lesson plan.

keyed grade book

How to Set the Grade Book
On the sheet named 1-12 Weeks enter the following information:

In Cell B1, change Jane Smith to your child's name.
In Cell O1, change the year - currently at 2011-12
In Cells A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, enter up to nine subjects.

That is all.

Adding Grades
To add a grade, find the cell in which the grade should go (if using keys) and type the number. The grade book is set up to accept numbers such as 90, 90.5, etc. -- Note the lack of %, do not enter percentages in this grade book.
The first hlep file for this grade book: Grade Book PDF

If you decide to print the grade book, be sure to check print preview first t make sure that page breaks at the end of a 6-week period. Currently the sheets are set up to print horizontally and each sheet will use 2 pieces of paper. The entire grade book uses at least 6 pages.

Some Important Points about the Grade Book
This grade book is for one child for one year.
The grade book is split up in 6-week periods, but also reports 1st and 2nd semester grades.
The grade book is set up for up to nine subjects. (I have no plans to change this)
Each subject has 180 cells.
The school year is set up as 36 5-day weeks - 180 days
Grades cannot be weighed with this grade book. See G&A and V Planner if you need to weigh grades
While this grade book is keyed, using keys is optional.
If your planner is not keyed and you want to use keys, write the key in the planner after entering the grade in the grade book.

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