2-Page Monthly Blank Calendars

This page contains several choices of blank monthly block calendars that are lined or unlined and print the month on 2 sheets of paper.

Calendar Layout with 5 or 6 Rows

Most of the months will require a layout with 5 rows and just two or more months will need a 6-row layout. Each set includes calendars with both 5-row and 6-row layouts and to help you know how many 6-row layouts to print, see the paragraph below.

2024: 2 months ( March, June ) require a 6th row.
2025: 3 months ( March, August, November ) require a 6th row.

If you need to know which day of the week starts each month and the holiday dates go to this page, Data for Blank Calendars.

LB Planner "LB Blank Block Papyrus Planner"

A blank monthly block calendar that has a lined background, to clarify, the entire background is lined. The LB Planner has 2 style choices, "2 Pages" and "4 Pages", read more about that below. Both styles include both 5-row and 6-row calendars as well as the option to not have the marks within the cells.

LB Blank Block Papyrus Planner
Pictured- "2 Pages", 6-Rows, and with Marks

The Files

The files are available in PDF and, for YoungMinds subscribers, DOCX.

2 pages- Print this file on two pieces of paper. The other side of the paper will be blank unless you print something else on the other side. Fill in the month, year, and dates.

4 pages - Print this file back to back on two pieces of paper. Use paper that is heavy enough to prevent bleed-through; I suggest 28 or 32 lb. paper. The back of the month will have matching lined paper. Use this file only if your printer supports back-to-back printing or if you know how to manually print back-to-back. After printing, fill in the month, year, and dates.

Household - Undated Planner

2-Page Block Planner


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1-Page Ruled Monthly Calendar

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