Donna Young's Colonial Planner

The Colonial Planner is a coordinated set of files that is designed for homeschooling and household records. The set includes several calendar styles, several lesson planner styles, administrative homeschool forms, journals (ruled paper), and a few household forms. The planner files are linked from several pages shown below and in the menu above.

Before I finish this little write-up about the colonial planner, I should mention that I also made a background image file and it is only linked from the Journals web page --- and here. I can link it here while I am sitting here typing these words; after all, I am the boss.

When I first made the Colonial Planner files, I test printed some with the background. It is pale and looks nice, but please do not print a whole lot of background papers for the planner until you have seen the background paired with the file. It may be too distracting or you might just love it.

Background image instructions: Typically print the background first, then reload the paper and print the desired planner file.

The Different Pages for the Colonial Planner

Each category has its own web page

Short Background on the Colonial Planner

When I made the Colonial Planner, I already had enough planners at, but I just like making them I guess. Actually, I wanted to make a large coordinated group of files that would look nice in your binder. I located a font that I could use in the pdf files and made the planner. That is about it.

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