Table of Contents

Jensen's Format WritingFor your convenience I've typed the detailed table of contents. While I have your attention, I urge you to read pages 5 through 10 several times or until the content is understood. It helps to look at the content that Frode Jensen is referring to while reading his instructions, most notably, the check sheets. Look at the check sheets while you read about how to use them. There is a DVD Supplement that you may purchase to accompany this book. I'm unfamiliar with the DVD and can't tell you anything about it.

Detailed Table of Contents

important5-6 To the Student
6-10 To the Teacher

Note: Be sure to read pages 5-10 several times
Section One
--Single Paragraph Formats--
12 Introduction
13-14 Essentials & Practices
15-17 Continuity
18 Parameters
19-20 Example
21-22 Classification
23-24 Definition
25-26 Process
27-28 Analogy
29-30 Cause & Effect
31-32 Comparison
Section Two
--Five Paragraph Essays--
34 Introduction
35-39 Thesis Statements
40-43 Introductory Paragraphs
44-47 Concluding Paragraphs
48 Transitions
49 Body Paragraphs
50-52 Seven sentences
53-54 General Guidelines
55-57 Example
58-60 Classification
61-63 Definition
64-66 Process
67-69 Analogy
70-72 Cause & Effect
73-75 Comparison
Section Three
--Practical Applications--
77-79 Book Reports
80- Historical Fiction
81- Biography
82 General Fiction
83-84 Test Questions


Section Four
--Business Writing--
86 Business Letters
87 Business Letter Tips
88-89 Letter for Information
90-91 Letter of Complaint
92-94 Cover Letters
95-97 Political Letters
 98-103 The Resume
Section Five
--The Principle of Condensation--
105 Introduction
106 Explanation
107-108 Word Economy (sentence)
The Précis (paragraph)
109 Explained
110-111 Exercises
112-114 Applied to an Article
Section Six
--Major Papers--
116 Introduction
117-118 Title Page
119-122 Works Cited Page
123 In-Text Citations
124-125 Note Cards
126-127 Procedures
128-129 Endnotes
130 Abbreviations
131 Annotated Works Cited
132-133 Appendix/Appendices
Section Seven
135-143 Check Sheets & Forms
144-146 Tests
147-150 Answer Keys
151-152 Sample Schedules
153-154 Index


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