Outlines for Composition

Outlines are lists that show the flow and organization of details in a composition. A well organized outline can help you when writing a paper. At the very least, an outline forces you to organize your thoughts.

Hands on Outlining

Try some activities to enhance your child's sorting skills. Many of these activities are necessary skills that your child should learn to do anyway. Take the time to teach your child common household skills. Some of these activities will also enhance math and neatness.


From a large load of laundry that consists of socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc., have your children sort through the laundry, find the clothes, and fold their clothes. The socks have to be paired with their mates. Then have them put their clothes in the appropriate place (drawer).

When your children takes their laundry to the laundry room, they should place the laundry in the appropriate places - whites, towels, jeans, colors, etc. This is placing the right thing in the right place, the same is done in composition.


Have your children sort their toys into categories such as Legos, doll furniture, balls, vehicles,..... Label boxes for the toys and have the children put the toys into the appropriate boxes.

Legos This sorting can be as complex as you wish. Either use boxes or define areas on a large piece of paper and have your children sort Legos by the criteria that you set.


Invite the kids into the kitchen to help with dinner. Consider these "Main Topics"..  --and what is done first, second, third--?

  • Setting the table
  • Making a cake
  • Unloading the dishwasher

The activities listed above involves planning, sorting, and organizing. There are possibilities around your home-life for more activities of this type which can address both life skills and educational goals. Look around and use your imagination.

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