Writing For an Audience

This exercise is very challenging. I would recommend it for upper grade children, 7-12.

It happens at times that you must write a paper that is meant to be read before or read by a certain group of people. The words and tone of your document should be chosen carefully based on your intended audience.

If you are writing for a group of doctors, then your paper should have a professional tone and use appropriate vocabulary. When writing for the general public you should use ordinary language. 

Choose a paragraph or two from an encyclopedia and rewrite it for a kindergarten audience.

Take a diagram of a skeleton and label it for a kindergarten audience. 
a femur becomes a thigh bone.

A more challenging assignment is to take a short young children's book and rewrite it for the general public.
--most phrases should rewritten into complete sentences, substitute overly common words with better words... Be Creative

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