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A memory cube is a project in which one places 6 photographs on a cube. The cube can be made of wood, but in the case of this particular memory cube, the cube is a piece of card stock paper that has the photos printed on it and then folded into a cube shape.

theme cubeThe cube can be of anything - it can be a special die for a game or a cube of photos that all have something in common - a Theme Cube.

Suggested Materials for the Cube

  • Card Stock (65lb cover, 80lb cover, or 100lb cover)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used white glue, such as Elmers)
  • For pre-folding - a sharp edged object such as a table or counter-top with a sharp edge, or a thin-edged ruler, or materials for scoring the fold lines

Cube Template Files

cubesThe templates are word files in the two formats - doc (word 97-2003) and docx (word 2007 and newer).

2.3 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 1 cube per sheet
2 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 1 cube per sheet
1.75 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 1 cube per sheet
1.5 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 1 cube per sheet
1.25 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 1 cube per sheet
1 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 2 cubes per sheet
.75 inch Cube Doc | Docx - 4 cubes per sheet

cube template - word

The How-To Make the Cube Pages

PDF Cube Templates: My old cube template is listed at this page Homeschool > Games. I used to use it to make special dice for games.
Credit: This cube project was inspired by this link and a couple of friends that wanted to make the cube. There's more, but the rest is not my story to tell.

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