The Master Plan

In regards to lesson planning, what are master plans and why should I make them?

Master Lesson Plans

What are Master Lesson Plans?

Master Lesson Plans are complete lesson plans for each subject. To visualize master plans, think of each master lesson plan for each subject as a to-do list and, like a to-do list, when a lesson is completed, one would check it off and move to the next lesson.

Why Should I Make Master Lesson Plans?

I am not here to tell you that you must make master plans, but I would like to explain the benefits of using master lesson plans.

  1. Knowledge - You will know what to do next. Regardless of what sort of day you are having, you can refer to the master plan to see what to do next.
  2. Weight is Lifted - Once completed, the bulk of your lesson planning is finished for the school year.
  3. Freedom - You are not locked in to dated lesson plans.
  4. Simplicity - Master lesson plans are usually simple, which means..
    1. They are somewhat easy to make
    2. You can enhance a lesson when you think it is necessary or beneficial.
  5. Time Management - With master plans, you can involve your children in orchestrating their school day, which in turn gives them some experience in organizational skills. See Checklist II.

How Does One Make Master Lesson Plans?

The lesson plans are usually quite simple. The amount of detail entered into each lesson plan is up to the one making the plans and very likely depends on the subject that one is planning. Aside from that, how one goes about creating master lesson plans depends on two things.

  1. If you are making daily plans or weekly plans - This decision, which can be made on a per subject basis, impacts how plans are entered into the lesson planner forms and which form style to use.
  2. The type of books used for the class - Some books are incredibly easy to plan while others take more effort.

Please see this section: How To Make Simple Lesson Plans for Homeschool. You will find several articles about how to make lesson plans from several types of books.

What Planner Forms Should I Use for Master Lesson Plans?

I call the master lesson planner a Subject Planner, please refer to this page when deciding which lesson planner forms to use. Homeschool Subject Planner

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