How to Make Simple Lesson Plans

It is good to wake up in the morning and to know what you are going to do that day in school. That is what planning lessons is all about -- being prepared -- so that you can be as stress free as possible.

The planning examples show how to divide a book into manageable parts and some examples offer suggestions based on my experience with homeschooling. I recommend writing the parts in a term planner or on notebook paper. Make a copy for your homeschool planner and if you have younger children who will use the same book, a copy to save for later use. [optional] Once your children are of the age to practice time management, make copies for their use so that they may mark off their lessons as they do them.

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BJUP Geography
This example shows a thought process for breaking down of a typical chapter structured textbook and including time for hands-on projects.

The Story Of Inventions
This example explains the finer points of making a reading plan from a reader.

Planning Easy Grammar
Easy Grammar is easy to plan but there are points to consider. The example plan shows what I did to make planning the teaching days easier on myself.

Planning Wordly Wise
Wordly Wise is another one that is easy to plan. This how-to page considers how to spread the work across a time period.

LifePacs Home Economics Units 6-10 (Lifepacs Electives)
This example shows the thought process of breaking down curriculum workbooks.

Peterson's Success with Words
This page explains the basic way to plan ordinary workbook.

Lesson Plans for Alpha Omega Life Pacs 708 and 709 (AOP Enhanced)
This example page shows examples of adding projects to a class, but it also advises caution when adding extra work.

Natural Speller
This example shows how to take a curriculum guide and make lesson plans.

Plans from parts of books: The Nature Company Guides: Skywatching
This example briefly explains how to take a regular bookstore book and use parts of it for specific objectives.

Using Outlines : World Book Encyclopedia
Similar to the example above, but using an encyclopedia.

Curriculum with Plans

Some homeschool books will contain daily lesson plans. That is very nice. Re-writing the lesson plans in your planner book is optional. If you book is NOT consumable or if you want to use the books for child 2, 3, ... then consider making a copy of the plans and placing them in your planner. Either way- consumable or not, it is nice to have the plans in your planner.

    Reasons to have the plans in your planner
  • You can write on the plans.
  • You can check them off as they are done.
  • You can record grades on the plans.
  • You are already looking in your planner for plans, so all of them should be in there to save time.
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