First Four Steps of Homeschool Planning

Updated March 13, 2023,
Donna Young

In this section I attempt to simplify the process of the earliest steps of homeschool planning. The steps involve making decisions and making lists of your decisions regarding subjects and books. If you have already selected books or are using pre-packaged curriculum, then it is possible that you can skip this section.

The topics of this section are:

  1. Step One: Subjects and Goals
  2. Step Two: Choose Books
  3. Step Three: Course of Study
  4. Step Four: Make a Planner

Beginning with a Highschooler

Sometimes homeschoolers start homeschooling a child who is close to or in high school. If your child is in 8th grade or in 9th, then follow the steps for planning high school at High School Help.

If your child has already started high school, find out what your child has taken and find out what your child should take in order to fulfill requirements for graduating in your state.

High school tip: Before high school starts, plan the course of study for all four years. See High School Help.

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