Step Three: Course of Study

For some of us, the course of study is part of required record-keeping. Even if it is not, the course of study is a good record to have because you can look back and see what has been done. It can come in handy for your younger children. Make the course of study and file it each year for each of your children.

What is a Course of Study

It is a list of subjects and the books used for each of the subjects. That is usually enough to put on a course of study.

Step Three:
Make a Course of Study

course of study

8th Grade Example
9th Grade Example

Course of Study Forms

The Course of Study Form

The course of study (cos) form should have the child's name, school year, and grade. I make my cos forms with a table that is at least 3 columns wide. You may use my forms for your course of study, they are linked on the left side of this page or you can make a form with your word processor.

High School Course of Study

While you may make a course of study for each year k-8, year by year, the 4-year high school course of study needs to be made before high school begins. Don't let that scare you. I understand that the mere thought of homeschooling through high school makes a homeschool parent teacher a bit nervous, but making the course of study is not a big deal! Just make it! I have a special course of study form for high school and it is relatively painless to fill out. It is esier to fill out the checklist first.

There are steps to take before filling out the high school course of study and those steps are listed in the high school section of beginning at this web page. Homeschooling High School

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