Step Four: Make a Homeschool Planner

plannerA Homeschool Planner: Optional? but Highly Recommended

Purpose of a Planner: To be prepared. To plan and to keep a record of educational activities and achievements.

donnayoungIsn't this why you are at in the first place? Go over to my vast selection of planner printables and make yourself a planner! Why are you still looking at this page? The links to the various forms are in the second row of the menu at the top of the page and I added them, along with a little description, below.

This is how my website started, sharing my planner forms. I have a lot to say about planning and how to plan and I have many forms that you may use for your planner. The following set of links go to how-to pages and forms pages:

  1. Planner Guide (how-to)
  2. How to Make Plans (how-to - you are currently in this section)
  3. Lists (forms for various lists)
  4. Administrative (forms designed for administering)
  5. Lesson Plan Forms (forms designed for planning)
  6. Extra (forms, notebooking, covers, meeting, etc )
  7. Sets (Coordinating Homeschool Planners)
  8. High School (how-to and forms for high school planning)


Best Wishes and when the going gets tough, remember why you are teaching your children at home.

That is all for this section, I truly hope it helped. Just do the steps: 1. Subjects, 2. Books, 3. COS, 4. Planner.

Donna Young

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