(Surviving) The Curriculum Fair

by Donna Young, 2003


- A word to describe how you might feel at a curriculum fair. Overwhelming or not, a curriculum fair is a place where you can see the books and thumb through the books. Resisting the books is the challenge of the day at a curriculum fair.


- A description of your brain once it gets a whiff of all of the books that are available at a curriculum fair. I want to buy books at the fair and you want to buy books too. Resisting over purchasing and confusion is another challenge of the day at a curriculum fair.

Curriculum Fair Battle Plan Form

Make a PDF file Curriculum Fair Battle Plan - Before going to the fair, make a list of books that you have and/or make a list of books that you want to look at as well as how much you expect them to cost. Sort the books by subject so that once the books are acquired then you will know that no more books are needed for that subject. If you do not know what books you want then make a subject and goals list.

Added 2010: doc file Curriculum Fair Battle Plan
Attention Curriculum Fair Organizers: You may use the Curriculum Fair Battle Plan for your curriculum fair. Open the word document and add your curriculum fair name to the header or just under the header. Do not alter the footer or copyright.


Make a List of PDF file Subjects and Goals - The 3 R's (reading, writing, and arithmetic) for each of your children is a sure buy. The goals for the 3 R's depends on your children, what they know and need to practice and learn. There is so much more than the 3 R's at a fair though -- tons of fine literature, art books, history, science, religion, videos, (etcetera)!

Best Wishes to you!

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