Checklist I

I created the checklist after discovering the biggest issue with the subject planner system. That issue is the page turning that must be done throughout the planner on a daily basis. This form helps keep the day rolling because you can see at a glance what ought to be done and what has been done.

The checklists were orginally created for use in the Subject Planner.

Teach the children to use the checklist. My children always became rather excited by this checklist because they could see what they needed to do and what they had already done.

pdfOriginal Homeschool Subject Checklist Form

The image below shows how the checklist can be used. Print one for each child.

Write all of the subjects that your child is doing in the spaces on the left side of the checklist. PLUS you should add all the little things that you want your child to do occasionally such as software programs and perhaps chores. Because some items will not be done every day, you should note about how many days a week some of the subjects are to be done. When your child does one of the subjects check the box under the date.

Use the upper portion of the checklist for one quarter (9 weeks) and the lower portion for the next quarter.

More Checklists

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