Checklist II

My children liked the checklist best. I suppose it gave them a sense of accomplishment to check off their subjects as they did them, either that, or they knew that with each checkmark, they were closer to being finished for the day. Not many things raise the morale faster than seeing the end of work.

This checklist is a different arrangement from the original checklist. I am also supplying my spreadsheet file.

The checklists were originally created for use in the Subject Planner.

The file is straightforward and it should be fairly clear what to do. If it puzzles you, feel free to ask questions. See image below.

Checklist Files

 PDF No Color
 PDF Color

The Spreadsheet File [XLS]

Save the spreadsheet to your computer. Information about the spreadsheet file is below, under the image.

Click here if you cannot see the image below

Homeschool Planner Checklist

The spreadsheet file has 3 worksheets and each worksheets has the same checklist. This is nice if you have 3 children. If you need more copies of the checklist, right-click one of the worksheet tabs and select "Move or Copy", and then make sure the checkbox next to "copy" is checked.

The row with the subject cells:
The subjects cells on the right are programmed to equal the subject cells on the left. This means that the subjects that are typed on the left side of the worksheet (above the blue and white cells) will appear on the right side of the worksheet. If you need a few different subjects to show up on the right side, then type them. This will overwrite the (=) code and that is okay.

Printing: Always check print preview before printing.

More Checklists

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