Illustration of Using Subject Planner Forms to Feed Weeklies

This image shows what I am referring to when I say, "Transfer subject plans to weekly planner."
Donna's definitions: Subject Planner · Weekly Planner Subject Plans to Weekly Planner Transfer
The image shows that general science plans have been placed on a weekly planner. One week's worth.

Math plans are also placed on the weekly planner, but not a full week's worth. This is just another one of the finer points of managing your planner. The opening left after the math test allows for review if review is needed (without marking out plans), otherwise the plans can move forward as usual.

Who would go to all this trouble?

Those who plan and:
want, need, or prefer to use a weekly planner.
And those who want to plan weeks ahead or the entire year ahead, but not put the plans in the weekly planner because of the inevitable one subject falling behind the other subjects making the weekly planner a mess.

Did I do it?

About a year or so after making the subject planners, I graduated to a pure homeschool subject planner notebook with no weeklies. I did not need to show a weekly plan to anyone, so I saw no point in having the weeklies. There was more to it than that - my children were old enough to be involved in the organization of their day and the checklist along with the subject planner turned out to be a good teacher.

V Planner

This is one of the things the V Planner can do.


Donna's Definitions

with key differences underlined
Note: Despite the representaional images, planner styles do vary at

Subject Planner (aka term, quarter, semester)

subjectA planner form that is meant to have plans for one class for the entire term. Generally the squares on the subject planner are not date specific, in other words, the 5th column does not necessarily indicate Friday.

Weekly Planner

weeklyA planner form that is meant to have plans for all classes for one week. Generally the squares on the subject planner are date specific, in other words, the 5th column usually indicates Friday.


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