Filled Course of Study Form for High School

On this page is one example of a filled course of study form.
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This is how my course of study forms looked for the high school years. In addition to listing "official" class names and books/materials, I also indicated which school terms that the class or parts of the class would occur.

Course of Study

Name:____________________________________    Year:___-___    Grade:____

Subject Books Notes
Algebra I VideoText


English I

Bob Jones: Writing and Grammar; Fundamentals of Literature
Peterson's Success With Words (1/3 of book for vocabulary)


Social Studies

Bob Jones: Geography for Christian Schools



Exploring Creation with Biology by Dr. Wile

Microscope and Dissection lab, will dissect worm, crayfish, fish, frog


Art I

Drawing Resources: The Art of Teaching Art by Rockman; Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Edwards

History Resources: The history of paining by Beckett; Public Library

1-3 drawing



The United States Navy seals Workout Guide: The Exercise and Fitness Programs Based on the U.S. Navy Seals and BDU/s Training by Chalker and Dockery



Alpha Omega Publications: General Health

Semester: 2nd


Keyboarding: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing CD-ROM
Software Training: Microsoft Word 97/ Excel 97 In Depth Training Starts Here CD-ROM by Microsoft press

2nd- Word 97 / Excel 97

School Terms: In the notes column, the school term - semesters, quarters, are listed if the class is not year-long or if the class distinctly varies during the school year (Art I is an example of that).

Official Class Names: Notice the class names, Algebra I, English I, Biology, Social Studies, Art I, PE, and Health. In high school, class names must be specific, yet rather "standard", no more names like math, science, and history, vocabulary, handwriting ... and so forth.

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