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On this page is one example of a filled course of study form.
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The course of study is a list of subjects that the student is studying along with a list the curriculum that is being used. Not all books must be listed, you should list the main books. As the year moves on, you may list additional books if you wish. In some cases, the course of study has, along with the subjects, a list of objectives and possibly the materials. The course of study forms on this page are for the first type of course of study listed: A list of subjects and the accompanying books and materials.

Course of Study Sample

Name: George J. Jamison
Grade: 8th     Years: 2010-11

Subject Books
Math Saxon Algebra 1/2
Drill sheets
Bob Jones 8th Grade English
Literature Excursions in Literature
Vocabulary Wordly Wise 3000
Root Words (various sources)
Reading Bible and assorted novels yet to be chosen
History The American Republic
Science Exploring Creation With Physical Science
Art Drawing With Children
Art History
Music Appreciation
Various books [list books]
Listen to [program name], a one-hour program once a week
Responsibility for self Chores, developing good habits, team-work, exercise

This example course of study for the 8th grade child is an outline that can serve as a guide line to planning the upcoming lessons.
Required by state: In Tennessee, I typically printed this form on the back of my yearly application to the cover school that I used. (Gateway Christian Schools)

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