Fancy Preposition Bingo Game

This is the preposition bingo game that I made for my children. Of all the preposition game sets that I offer, this one is the nicest one, however; it is the smallest set.

Fancy Preposition Bingo Game

Preposition Bingo Game

pdfCards 1 & 2
pdfCards 3 & 4
pdfCards 5 & 6
pdfCards 7 & 8
pdfCards 9 & 10
pdfCards 11 & 12
pdfCards 13 & 14
pdfCards 15 & 16

pdfBlank Cards

The Words to Print

pdfPrepositions (words)

Optional: To make the words easier to handle, cover the printed sheet of words with clear contact paper before cutting.

Do you need an ordinary text file of the words? If so ...
text filePreposition List, A Text File This is just a text file; the word cards file for the game is linked above.

Directions: Print cards and prepositions. Optional: Print on card-stock. Each card file makes two cards, so cut those out. The preposition file has 53 prepositions. Print one file and cut out the small cards. Play as you would regular bingo except look over entire card for the word.


Easy Grammar uses the prepositional approach. Children learn to recognize and mark out prepositional phrases from sentences, making sentence analysis easier.
help pageHow I Planned Easy Grammar

Book links below go to CBD, an online bookstore that I frequently used for homeschool books

Easy Grammar Grade 4Easy Grammar Grade 3
526 pages
Workbook: 230 pages
Easy Grammar Grade 4
585 pages
Workbook: 252 pages

Easy Grammar Grade 5
700 pages
Workbook: 342 pages
Easy Grammar Grade 6
712 pages
Workbook: 342 pages
Easy Grammar Plus
655 pages
Workbook: 350 pages

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