Preposition Bingo Game

Help your children remember the prepositions by playing preposition bingo. My children played this game and one other game during the time that we studied prepositions.

Game play is like ordinary bingo. In the case of preposition bingo, you will call a word from the included word card printable that you have printed, cut out, and placed in a container. An optional challenge for this game (for the win or for a tie-breaker) is to have the child who wins to correctly make up a sentence for each preposition in the winning row.

On this page, there are two game styles, a fancy game and a plain, possibly disposable game, which were generated rather than hand edited.

Generated: Plain Preposition Bingo Cards - Three Sets

Generated bingo cards are cards that I made using a program to generate random words on the cards. Random words do not occur 100% of the time and that simply means on some cards, a word will be on the card twice. Because of this, keep the cards face down when the students choose a bingo card.

Plain Preposition Bingo Set One - 72 Cards

preposition bingo cardsThis set has 6 bingo cards per file ( and sheet of paper )

Each card is a little over 3 x 3.5 inches (8 cm by 9.3 cm)

Easy Grammar, a Curriculum with a Preposition Approach

Easy Grammar uses the prepositional approach. Children learn to recognize and mark out prepositional phrases from sentences, making sentence analysis easier.
help pageHow I Planned Easy Grammar

Book links below go to CBD, an online bookstore that I frequently used for homeschool books

Easy Grammar Grade 4Easy Grammar Grade 3
526 pages
Workbook: 230 pages
Easy Grammar Grade 4
585 pages
Workbook: 252 pages

Easy Grammar Grade 5
700 pages
Workbook: 342 pages
Easy Grammar Grade 6
712 pages
Workbook: 342 pages
Easy Grammar Plus
655 pages
Workbook: 350 pages

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