Preposition Bingo Game

If you need more preposition bingo cards than I have provided then you can use this spreadsheet to generate preposition bingo cards.

Preposition Bingo Generator - the 6-Card File
Illustrated - the 6-Card File

Preposition Bingo XLS Generator


Preposition Bingo XLS Generator

xlsPreposition Bingo XLS
Preposition Bingo XLSX

The file below will generate 6 cards on one sheet of paper
Preposition Bingo XLSX- 6 Cards

A caveat that you must know about before using the generator. A card can have duplicate words. Read more about that on the Words and How To worksheet in the file. You can view an image illustrating a duplicate word.

To Use:

  1. At the CALL worksheet- Check print preview and if the words fit on one sheet of paper, print on card stock.
  2. At the CARDS worksheet- Check print preview and if the cards fit on one sheet of paper, print the cards.
  3. If you need more cards, press the F9 key on your keyboard to scramble the words and print.
  4. Repeat until you have as many cards as you need.

Please remember there is always the possibility of duplicate words on the generated cards.


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