Broad Tips for Homeschoolers

This short article does not touch on legalities; the main theme is what you should work on at home and with yourself before homeschooling. Please consider what you are doing now and if you are using your time effectively.

Cleaning Routine

A long time ago, the question was asked: How do I keep my house clean while homeschooling? The answer was simple: Make cleaning a part of your daily routine; include chores in your schedule or post your routine in a place where you will see it everyday.

Be realistic and Keep it Simple

  • De-clutter your home; clear out some storage areas because homeschooling needs room.
  • If you have not done so, establish a cleaning routine that is not overwhelming.
  • If you have not done so, teach your children to do chores.

Menus and Meal Planning

This is as important as a cleaning routine. Having to think each day of what you will cook wastes time if you are doing it just before each meal. If you have not started, make a menu framework or menu plans. Your plans can be as simple or as complex as you prefer.


Discipline is important for both you and your child. Always keep in mind that you are a primary role model for your children. Everything that you do your children can do and don't think that they will automatically adopt only your good qualities, they will more readily adopt those qualities which are easy. It is hard work to be a good role model so be sure to get enough sleep, good food, and exercise which, incidentally, is being a good role model for maintaining health.

Keep this in mind: You will be educating the whole child. Character development, work ethic, worldview, hygiene routines, eating right, exercise routines, daily chores, religion ... these are mostly on your shoulders and partially taught by your example.

I would like to add: Do not expect perfection in any area and never compare yourself to another homeschooler. Direct your thoughts to what is good and to what is actully true about your family.

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