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This section is all about Homeschooling - Teaching Children at Home. I have purposely avoided writing about homeschooling at a personal level (for the most part) at donnayoung.org for several reasons that I will avoid revealing, but it is time for me to write about homeschooling. Can I do it? Will I do it? For now, I will link some of the articles that I have already written.

Teaching Your Children at Home

Before I knew that homeschooling was an actual thing, I wanted to do it. Imagine how happy I was to find out that I could teach my children at home and our journey began many years ago. It is over now, and looking back, I am grateful that I was able to teach my children at home.

Homeschool Laws

I can barely remember what it felt like to worry about homeschooling laws and whether or not I was within the law, but I do remember that I felt the weight of responsibility in getting this right - legally. Once you have read and understood your local laws and do what you are supposed to do, then you can put that behind you as long as you keep up with current legal changes. I cannot advise anyone on homeschooling legalities, but I can point you to a law firm whose specialty is homeschooling. They have a listing for each state.
leaves donnayoung.orghttp://www.hslda.org - Homeschool: HSLDA-Home School Legal Defense Association.

The first year that we schooled at home, I decided which option under the law that I would use. I made my choice and the next steps were a result of my choice. Next I had to choose a school, not a public school, but one that (also) handles records for homeschoolers. I chose one and I registered my children with the school. This school kept my children's records and they handled my son's transfer from public school to them. The first year, my daughter started kindergarten and my son started 3rd grade. Under the law we were "private schoolers."

All the while and during the months preceding this, I had been thinking about books and looking at a catalog, I had only one catalog - I didn't have the internet back then. In order to register with the school that I mentioned in the paragraph above this one, I had to decide on books and a course of study for my two children. This was not really a hard thing to do; but being new at this, I was flying blind and that was a bit disconcerting. (It all worked out okay.)

The course of study was easy enough- the children would study the typical subjects. I purchased books to fill the slots for those typical subjects. I made up an organizational system and I was looking forward to starting. Needless to say, or maybe not needless, my two children were very excited.

Two things stand out in my mind from our first year:
1. Kindergarten is not only easy, it is also enjoyable.
2. Homeschooling a child who had been in public school is, or can be, a bumpy road for the first year.
Many things come to mind after having gone through k-12, but the one thing that you should know is that homeschooling is not easy; homeschooling is hard work.

Donna Young - November 6, 2010

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Homeschool Planning

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