HWT Handwriting Lessons 1-24

Print HWT font style handwriting lessons 1 - 24 that are coordinated with the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. All 100 handwriting lessons are made by Donna Young.

Lesson 17, Rat is Sad.

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The handwriting letters that are introduced in this group of handwriting lesson worksheets are ... m, s, a, e, t, r, d, i, c, o, n. The uppercase letters that I decided to add are ... S, M, T, R, I. The words that I added to the lessons are ... am, Sam, see, at, sat, seed, mad, rat, ear, it, Rat, is, sad, me, rid, ram, cat, It, is, mom, rod, not.

What the Colors Mean

Light orange means that a letter is introduced for the first time.

Light green means a word is used in the lesson.

Pink indicates the lesson will include an uppercase letter.

The Files

Lessons 1 & 2
Lesson 1- m, s
Lesson 2- s, m

Lessons 3 & 4:
Lesson 3- a, m, am
Lesson 4- S, a, Sam

Lessons 5 & 6:
Lesson 5- e, a, see
Lesson 6- e, s, a, m

Lessons 7 and 8Lessons 7 & 8:

Lesson 7- t, at, M

Lesson 8- s, t, sat

Lessons 9 & 10:
Lesson 9- r, a, e
Lesson 10- r, a, m

Lessons 11 & 12:
Lesson 11- t, e, s, r
Lesson 12- d, a, seed

Lessons 13 & 14:
Lesson 13- s, d, mad
Lesson 14- i, e, rat

Lessons 15 & 16:
Lesson 15- r, t, ear, T
Lesson 16- d, i, m , t

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Lesson 17, Rat is Sad.
Lessons 17 & 18:
Lesson 17- s, e, d, Rr, Rat is sad.
Lesson 18- m, a, i, me -- The letter i has fewer dots, but there are arrows above where a letter i could be written.
Lesson 18 - Letter I

Lessons 19 & 20:
Lesson 19- d, r, rid, ram
Lesson 20- c, d, cat

It is I,
Lessons 21 & 22:
Lesson 21- Ii, It is I, (please write your name), c
Lesson 22- o, c, mom

Lessons 23 & 24:
Lesson 23- r, o, rod
Lesson 24- n, d, not

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Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The HWT Handwriting Lessons

For all choices in HWT handwriting paper please go to: Double Line Printable Paper

HWT Manuscript Handwriting Strips
HWT Manuscript

Print, cut apart, attach to student's notebooks
See other handwriting strips at: Printable Handwriting Strips

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Project ongoing - 1st files uploaded on August 12, 2014.

Note: I no longer have this book. The lessons are based on two things -
1. The lessons at 133 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons for Beginners and
2. The notes that I made many years ago from the book

Below - Image of Letters used in Worksheets
HWT Letters
For more handwriting practice in this style go to: HWT Handwriting Practice Worksheets.

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